Your defense against the winter blues – 40 ways to feel happy

Do you ever find yourself a little more “bummed” or down during the winter months?

I do. Something about the shorter days and colder weather definitely has a negative effect on my mood and energy.

Every year around this time, I make it a point to remind myself to incorporate more things that make me happy into my day.

One practice that I have all my clients create is a personalized nourishment menu. It’s a list of happy-inducing-activities that bring joy to their lives. A list of actions they can take if they’re in need a pick me up.

And it works! This practice makes the winters a thousand times better and is guaranteed to bring joy every single day!

My challenge for you is to make your own customized personalized nourishment menu to use this winter.

Here’s how:

  1. List out at least 10 actions that bring you happiness.
  2. Place your list somewhere you’ll see every day as a reminder to incorporate at least 1 or 2 into each day.

This will become your defense against the winter blues.

To provide you with some inspiration, I’ve compiled my own list of 40 Ways to Feel Happy. Feel free to swipe some of these if they resonate with you.

My good friend actually took this list and created a happiness calendar for December. And guess what? She generously agreed to share with you! Find the link to download the pdf at the bottom of the page.

40 Ways to Feel Happy
Inspiration for your personalized nourishment menu

  1. Take a long, warm shower
  2. Make a gratitude list – a list of at least 3 things in your list you are grateful for. Don’t stop at 3 if you find yourself flooded with ideas of blessings
  3. Book an appointment for a massage or facial
  4. Indulge in dark chocolate, a latte, or your favorite treat
  5. Surprise a friend. You could check out the card isle and pick out one that would be perfect for your friend.
  6. Buy yourself flowers
  7. Go to bed early- being well rested increases your mood
  8. Rock a fabulous pair of sunglasses. You’ll see the world a little differently in your sunglasses. Bonus: help protects your eyes
  9. Get out into nature – go for a hike, take a walk around the block
  10. Hire someone to clean your house (treat yourself at least once – it’s definitely worth it!)
  11. Relax in a warm bath
  12. Do something thoughtful for a neighbor or co-worker – make them cookies or a treat, offer to mow their lawn or shovel their snow. It can be rewarding to see the smile on their face
  13. Snuggle with your favorite furry friend or loved one
  14. Read a new book or a good magazine
  15. Dance to your favorite happy songs (you could listen to Spotify’s “happy” playlist)
  16. Plan a night out (or in) with friends
  17. Visit a new town
  18. Wrap yourself in warm blanket or sweater straight from the dryer
  19. Create a vision board
  20. Share your goals and dreams- not only does it help reinvigorate your soul when you talk about your passions but it also makes you much more likely to achieve
  21. Cook a meal – maybe that recipe you’ve found on Pinterest (or on my site 🙂 ) and have been dying to make. Make it with some extra TLC and enjoy without distractions
  22. Call a friend just to say hi
  23. Journal about your day
  24. Smile- just the simple act of smiling can release feel good hormones
  25. Plan an adventure for an upcoming weekend
  26. Make a connection – even if it’s just with the person waiting in line behind you at the grocery store, connecting with other people improved our overall happiness
  27. Drink a green smoothie or juice
  28. Take a yoga class – for me, yoga is the ultimate balance example of mind, body, & spirit. Exercise and meditation in one
  29. Cook dinner for friends or your significant other
  30. Try a new group fitness class or boot-camp
  31. Take deep breaths
  32. Watch a funny movie
  33. Take a class – cooking, photography, sewing, language, dance, Desire Map
  34. Compliment a friend
  35. Say “I love you”
  36. Try a new food
  37. Write yourself a love letter- think of at least 5 things you love about yourself- loving and accepting yourself is the first step to true happiness
  38. Set an intention for your day and live the day deliberately
  39. Do something nice for a stranger
  40. Do something nice for yourself


December Happiness Calendar




2 Responses
  • Nov 21, 2015

    These are awesome, Alaina!! I will look at these more often throughout the winter to remind myself of ways to treat myself! 🙂

    NADINE Nov 21, 2015
    • Jan 6, 2016

      Thanks Nadine! Glad you’ll be making time to treat yourself! So important 🙂

      Jan 6, 2016

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